Mr & Mrs Scratch Online Scratchie Released By Scratchmania

It’s been a while since we reviewed a new online scratch cards from Scratchmania. While not one of the biggest platforms, they always offer something out of the box which is worth having a look. Their new scratch card game Mr & Mrs Scratch is a good example of this. The premise of the game is simple. There are four scratch games for you to play. Each scratch card has 9 squares with different symbols. All you need to do to win cash it to match 3 identical symbols.

In the background you will see Mr & Mrs Scratch in their hunt to win a fortune. The prizes on offer depend on how much you bet. You can start as low as £0.5 and go up to £10. Another nice feature is the option to play anything from 1-4 games simultaneously. This is always fun as you increase your chances to win. The “turbo” feature can also speed up the pace of the game. If you play for the maximum amount of £10 there is a huge jackpot of £100,000 for the taking.

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