For anyone still doubting the effect of mobile devices on online gambling, then the latest report by Juniper Research should put any questions to bed. According to the research over $45 billion will be spent on wagers through betting exchanges and sports betting alone by 2017 via our mobile devices. This predicted rise is significant as currently “only” $13 billion was spent in 2011.

While many scratch card sites offer mobile scratch apps, there are still many people who are not aware of the convenience of simply pushing a button to scratch life-changing jackpots.

The explosion of high quality and affordable smartphone and tablet devices has changed the online gambling market in a short space of time. With smartphones and tablet no longer being exclusively for high-end users this has meant that millions of global online players are now choosing the convenience of mobile gambling.
While these figures from Juniper are mind boggling, the overall mobile online gambling via mobile devices is set to reach an estimated $100 billion by 2017.

The trend of controlling our online scratchies with a mobile scratch card app is becoming the choice for the intelligent online gambler. Gone are the days when scratch card choices were limited to tickets bought at a corner store. The combination of mobile devices has meant that scratch cards are the ultimate mobile gambling gateway to affordable and easy to play online games.

It comes as no surprise that the competition from all top online scratch card sits to deliver curing edge mobile scratchie apps is so fierce. Like other gambling sectors, the online scratch card has been taken to another level with the increasingly popular mobile scratch game apps.For millions around the globe, the chance to scratch at your own pace whenever you so decide has meant that mobile online gambling is quickly becoming the fastest growing sector in the gambling world.

The Juniper report also found that many UK based betting agencies like William Hill, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power have reported significant increases of up to 40% when it comes to customers who chose to place their bets via a mobile device . In fact overall the mobile betting industry is set to account for over 20% of all bets placed.More importantly the report also predicts that this figure will rise to over 40% within the next two years.

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