Convenience and portability is what makes mobile devices the most popular device in the information technology device world. It is hard to fathom that smartphones only really stated to take off five years ago with the lunch of the first iPhone. Since then as they say the rest is history. Goodbye to being tied down to PC’s and offices, as with the newest smartphones there is nothing you cannot do that requires you to be online.

With the rapid growth of smartphones there is no telling in what will be in the next few years. Devices like the iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S III provide cutting edge technology that not only matches the PC’s abilities but in many ways exceeds their capabilities.

With giant screens of 4 inches and even more there are many industries like the online gambling one that are dedicating developing online games like scratchies and pokies which utilize the power of mobile technology. Top scratch card operators have succeeded in capturing all the magic of a casino floor in a single mobile gambling site.

The leaders in the smartphone race are undoubtedly Apple and Samsung. In fact in recent research conducted by Strategy Analytics it was found that Samsung managed to sell the most units by a smartphone vendor in a single quarter. They shipped over 56.9 million smartphones of the total 162 million units sold globally in the third quarter of 2012.This means that they that they in fact made up 35% of the global market share.

These figures are welcome news for Samsung as they have been hit with massive lawsuits from Apple. In fact it would seem that they have only become more determined to outperform their arch rivals who “only” sold 26.9 million iPhones for the third quarter.Between these two smartphone giants they conrtol over half of the global smartphone shipments which is a massive increase from the one-third a year ago. It is hard to believe that the once powerful Nokia currently only holds around 4% of the smartphone market.

There is no doubt that only manufactures who manage to deliver the latest cutting-edge devices will survive the completion. With so many of us utilizing smartphones for just about anything  ,we have become accustomed to bigger and better devices. As an online gambling site we can only stand at the side and reap the rewards of affordable portable devices that give the term “portable casinos” a new meaning.

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