Mobile Online gambling is the way forward in the online gambling market. Whether it be online scratchies, poker or sports betting, many operators are investing time and money in this ever growing sector.

With mobile devices like tablets and smartphones becoming an integral part of all of our lives , scratch card operators are just one sector who have developed the mobile scratchie apps that ensure we don’t miss out on any of the online action. The ability to scratch and win whenever we decide has taken the mobile scratch card game to another level.

The Euro 2012 football tournament has been the “the world’s biggest ever sporting event” for the British based online gambling exchange Betfair. These were the words of Chief Executive of Betfair  Stephen Morana. According to Morana Betfair had taken more bets on Euro 2012 than on the 2010 World Cup tournament.
These optimistic words helped Betfair in reporting an impressive 15% increase in profits to £92 million in the year to April 30.Thses figures also resulted in the share price rising by 2.8% to reach 755.5p.

It has been a good period for Betfair overall during the last few months with an increase of 18% in core operations. Euro 2012 was responsible for a sizable portion of this.

As with other forms of gambling markets, mobile gambling is increasing rapidly due to the speedy growth of smartphones and tablet devices into our daily lives. Betfair reported a big increase in mobile betting and the company even brought out a special mobile app for Euro 2012 which would be released in similar format for future tournaments.

Betfair is investing heavily in mobile gambling as it is proven that mobile gamblers tend to spend more than online gamblers and according to Chief Technology officer for Betfair, Tony Mcalister, the migration to mobile would increase revenues.

Mobile online gambling delivers the chance to many gamblers who enjoyed their traditional scratch cards they used to buy at their local outlets to simply open a mobile scratchie app and play to their heart’s content whenever and from wherever they so choose.

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