The past year has seen a dramatic rise in the growth of social gaming as well as social gambling. The two have become increasingly close and it is becoming hard to differentiate between the two.

Scratchcards are the ideal example of the similarities between social gaming and social gambling. While scratch cards are technically defined as gambling, as soon as you start playing scratch games you get the feel of a fun and easy to play game. The fact that there are million pound jackpots on offer on scratch cards only adds to their appeal.

According to a report by Juniper Research the mobile gambling is set to reach an all time high with over $100 billion in revenues by 2017 due largely to social games and mobile wallets.

Presently there is an estimated $20 billion pent via mobile devices per year and this figure is expected to reach over $100 in the next 5 years.

Mobile devices have become the first choice for millions of online scratch card playerswho enjoy the ability to control their scratchcard experience.

Zynga is one of these social gaming companies that is set to benefit from the expected boom in social activity. They already offer many free-to-play casino like games on Facebook and have declared openly their intention to convert those games to real money games when it becomes legally possible to do so.

Many Social gaming companies like Zynga are well aware of the ease at which they could convert their loyal fan base of million to real money gambling like that of scratch cards.

It is here that the social aspect of scratch cards has a distinct advantage over traditional gambling. It is worth remembering that there are scratchcards that have themes that are based on social pastimes that we all enjoy. These include sports, travel, cuisine and even music.

Other real money mobile casinos like Probability have already taken steps to make sure that they start integrating in the Facebook mobile platform.

It is worth noting that currently some of the top UK sports betting companies have already seeing an significant portion of their business from online wagers. According to estimates up to 20% of sports betting is done via mobile devices that include tablets and smartphones. Casino games are expected to catch up to sports betting on mobile gambling according to the report.

It remains to be seen how the social gaming world will continue to impact on social gambling. It is no surprise that scratch cards are considered the ultimate social type of gambling and as such are succeeding in attracting millions of scratch game devotees who love and enjoy this simple and user-friendly format.

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