It is hard to believe that the smartphone has only been with us for about five years. Apple’s first iPhone has changed the way we approach the way we interact online. While the cumbersome PC was only way to remain online, we now have the option of controlling our internet habits from the palms of our hands. Smartphones have impacted every aspect of our online lives which includes banking, communicating and leisure activities like mobile gambling.

The growth of smartphones makes this market one of the most exciting and dynamic technological sectors. The fact that smartphones have become so cost effective and available to all has meant that the ability to own a smartphone is within reach of everyone. This is being shown in market statistics being released like those of advertising company Flurry.

According to data released by Flurry China’s smartphone market is growing at the fastest pace with over 401% year-over-year growth in active devices. China increased its active devices by 100 million and is in a good position to overtake that current largest market, that of the U.S. by the 2012 holiday season.

The U.S. also recorded good growth for the period between July 2011 until July 2012 where they added over 30 million iOS and Android devices. This gives them the number one global spot for iOS and Android devices with a 165 million tally.

The gap between the U.S. and China and the rest of the world is huge. The UK comes in at third place with 31 million active devices followed by South Korea and Japan who have 28 million and 22 million active devices respectively.

The regions to watch however are the BRIC countries. Brazil recorded an impressive 279% year-over-year growth while Russia recorded a 189% year-over-year growth. India performed excellently as well with a 171% year-over-year growth making these BRIC countries ,the ones to watch.

Another interesting finding by Flurry was their data on smartphone penetration. Here Hong Kong, Singapore and Sweden were the global leaders. In Singapore over 92% of the adult population uses a smartphone device whether it is iOS or Android. The U.S. for instance only comes in at fifth place with 78% saturation amongst adult users.

Another key finding of the research was the number of active application sessions by country. Here the U.S. last year accounted for over 52% of all active iOS and Android app sessions but dropped sharply this year to only 36% which in effect means that over 64% of app sessions take place outside the U.S.
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