There is a lot of buzz around the smartphone market. It is one of the moist dynamic and lucrative markets for both smartphone makers and software developers. The record sales of the recently released iPhone 5 just prove once again that there is no sign of this market slowing down. Competition is tough and only the strongest and best will survive.

The mobile sector is the focus of much attention from all sorts of sectors which include the mobile casinomarket. There is hardly an industry who are not looking capitalize on the growing trend of consumers looking to interact exclusively online.

While Apple and Samsung are considered to be the main players, there has been a lot of hype about Microsoft with the release of their Windows Phone 8 operating system. Microsoft were given a major boost as many believe that the recent troubles between Apple and Samsung could lead phone manufactures looking to Windows Phone 8 as an uncomplicated option.

Nokia in particular is relying heavily on Windows Phone 8 to revive their struggling fortunes. They have a lot riding with their Nokia Lumia handsets that run Microsoft’s operating system.

However there is reliable speculation that Microsoft is no longer content just to provide the operating systems but intend to enter the manufacturing sector themselves. The details of what type of phone and its specs are unclear but industry insiders believe that they could start from as early as the first half of 2013.

These reports were confirmed in articles on WPCentral and .This could be an interesting development for consumers as more competition is always going to improve the standards of devices. With Microsoft’s unlimited resources there is no reason why they should not be able to give Apple, Nokia, Samsung and LG a serious run for their money.

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