Mobile smartphones are for many of us the most important device we take with us when we leave our homes. The need to be constantly online and in touch with our social networks, mobile gambling apps and overall online activities has made our fast-paced lifestyles that much easier.

Currently the smartphone market is seen as one of the most competitive and lucrative for smartphone manufacturers and platform developers. While Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are the dominant players at the moment there are still smaller players which are looking to get their share of the smartphone market pie.
Microsoft is one of those global brands which are looking to knock Apple and Google off their perch.

According to a recent research from StatCounter Microsoft may well over take the struggling Research in Motion’s BlackBerry market share with their anticipated release of their new Windows Phone. According to the research the Windows Phone will reach 1.5% market share in the U.S. by November while BlackBerry will continue to drop in market share. Microsoft’s much anticipated launch of Windows 8 is expected as soon as September with rumors speculating that Nokia will launch a model with the new operating system.

Mobile smartphones have become the choice for many UK gamblers who look to their phones as mobile casinos. Companies like Probability are solely dedicated to the mobile gambling gaming sector and give you the chance to play and win on top slots and casino games via your chosen phone or tablet device.

Their affiliates like Moobilegames even offer you a free £5 No Deposit Necessary Offer which lets you play for real cash without laying out a single penny. Their mobile casino games include slots, bingo and lotto style games.

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