Microsoft has received some encouraging signs from China with the release of their Windows Phone Debut. The mobile smartphone device market is one of the fiercest areas of competition in the technology world today.

For millions of people the mobile smartphone devices are not only becoming an integral part of our lives but are even replacing the PC as our primary method to remain constantly online.

For online gamblers like scratch card devotees the smartphone devices have opened up a whole new world. It was only a few years ago that the only way to participate in ascratchcarddraw was to pop down to your local store and buy a scratch card ticket.

Microsoft released their Windows phone just two months ago and already it has passed a significant milestone in that it has managed to capture 7% of the market share of China. This is highly significant as it passes the 6% market share that Apple now has.

Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer for the Greater China Region, Michel van der Bel was upbeat and believes that this 7% figure can definitely grow even further.

He believes that Microsoft has only just begun and with the introduction of Windows PC tablets and smartphones Microsoft will succeed in capturing a sizable portion of China’s business and private sector.

With the advent of online and now mobile scratch games, the ability to win million dollar jackpots has literally been delivered to your fingertips. With mobile smartphone devices it is possible to fully control where and when you decide to scratch and win.

Major casino sites like All Slots Online Casino and have dedicated scratch card and slots sites that are designed exclusively to work on your chosen mobile device.

Scratchies have never been so accessible and fun to play with. The thought of the magic of all our favorite scratchcard games being delivered to our fingertips is moth watering to say the least.

Android is still  way in the lead in terms of market share in China as they hold a 69% market share as well as having a distinct advantage in their apps they offer in relation to Microsoft’s windows Phone.

Microsoft has had a positive reaction to heir launch of their Nokia Lumia handsets particularly in the U.S. It remains to be seen if they can succeed in repeating their success in markets such as China where there are hundreds of millions of smartphone and tablet users.

Mobile scratch card apps have revolutionized the way we approach our online casino experience. The ability to plan and take control of our scratch card fortunes has translated into another level of comfort in our online casino experiences.

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