The mobile smartphone is the hottest item for all online gamblers and is particularly popular with online scratch card enthusiasts. At the moment as we have been reporting Apple and Android are the leaders in this market. However there is an interesting report later released by research firm IDC that forecasts Microsoft as a serious contender to overtake Apple by 2016.

Mobility and accessibility is what many online gamblers like scratch card freaks are looking for. Any scratch card operator that offers fully compatible mobile scratch card apps have a distinct advantage in that they attract the modern day online enthusiast.

According to IDC the windows Phone will capture an estimated 19.2% of the market in 2016 which is an increase of 5.25 from their current share. This estimate will mean that windows Phone will overtake the forecast 19% market share for Apple’s iOS. The rise of Microsoft’s Phone is largely attributed to the successful launch of Nokia’s Lumias phones with emphasis on emerging markets.

IDC predicts that it is in emerging markets that Apple will have to concentrate their efforts in order to increase their market share. Their position in Western Europe, North America and China seem to be strong and stable.

Scratch sites like All Slots Casino are an excellent example of how a traditional casino site can deliver all our scratch cards to a powerful and entertaining mobile scratch game app.

IDC forecasts Android to be the leader of the pack but will suffer a drop in the next few years and I predicted to an estimated 52.9% of the market share in 2016. This is in considerable drop from the current 615 of their current market share.

RIM is forecast to remain pretty much the same with about 6% of the market share. Much of Microsoft’s predicted success is dependent on their continued success with their partnership with Nokia. The recent successful launch of the Lumia 900 is a positive sign for Microsoft.

It will be interesting to see if Microsoft live up to the forecasts of IDC and succeed in giving Apple a run for their money. It would be a foolish notion to bet against Apple with their current global success.

Technology analysts are proving that the future of online entertainment like gambling on scratch cards is the way of the future. More and more online gamblers prefer the ease and comfort of whipping out their smarpthones whenever and wherever they so choose and deciding to have a flutter on their scratch cards. Whether it be scratch cards or other gaming options, smartphones are already a essential part of our everyday lives.

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