Microgaming’s New Casino Release “European Blackjack Redeal Gold”

Enjoying the ambiance and atmosphere of a live casino table with a dealer is possible from the comfort of your own home or even mobile device. With mobile and online gambling already an established pastime for millions, gaming platform providers like Microgaming are continuously adding to the fun.

Besides offering the latest slots, scratch cards and other games they offer some of the premium casino-based games which payout massive cash rewards. One of their newest releases is European Blackjack Redeal Gold which is a spinoff on the classic traditional European Blackjack game.

The twist in this exciting new game is the advantage of having the option of a “redeal component”. With this innovative feature you get to redeal your own cards or the dealers cards. As a player you get the chance to redeal up to five times with a minimum cost and even some combinations that can be redealt with no cost to you at all.

Players get to play with a wide variety of chips which include mixed and unlimited chip stacks. The aim of the game is pretty simple. Players get two decks of cards per game which include both double down and split options with the Dealer stand on all 17. Just beat the dealer and you are on your way to being a high stakes winner.

The graphics and live dealer taking bets in the background make European Blackjack Redeal Gold a thrilling game that takes you to the intriguing world of online gambling at its best.

Bets range from as low as £1 and go up to £200 with large amounts of cash to be won.

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