Microgaming Offer 3D Blackjack Mobile App For Windows 8.0 And Xbox

Mobile devices have without a doubt changed the way most of us interact online. With smartphones and tables priced so affordably it is possible for everyone to stay connected online 24 hours a day. The online gambling operators have shifted gears towards the mobile world.

Leading gaming platforms like Microgaming are keen to attract new players as well as existing players to the convenient and easy-to-play world of mobile gambling. In an interesting move on their part they have just released their Bronzebeard Blackjack The Strategy Coach which is aimed at improving your Blackjack skills.

This multi-level free-to-play game is designed for Windows 8.0 and Xbox. It was previewed at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week.
Bronzebeard Blackjack The Strategy Coach is available as a free downloadable app from the Microsoft Windows Phone Store. It is also set to be released for Microsoft Windows 8.0 and the Microsoft Xbox console via Xbox Live.

Head of Product Channels at Microgaming, Neil Whyte stated,” This is a very exciting development for Microgaming and shows our intent to develop games for all operating systems and platforms. The game is easily accessible through the Microsoft Windows Phone Store, and so far, the application is receiving very positive reviews online, which is fantastic to see.”

This blackjack coaching app takes place in the background of an educational adventure and features over 60 unique 3D animations. There are special treasure wins as well as various levels of play which ensure there are gaming options for all level of players.

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