Mobile online gambling is what everyone in the online gaming industry is aiming to dominate. Many see the mobile gaming market as the future for gambling in general. More and more of us are using our mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to do just about every online activity we would do in the past online.
Steve Jobs and Apple with their iPad and iPhone are largely regarded as the pioneers that were responsible for exposing the global audience to portable online devices.

Microgaming are leaders in the mobile gambling race and offer 75 mobile games that work on over 3,000 mobile devices which includes all the major platforms like Android,iOS, and BlackBerry. Microgaming offer over 600 online games and provide their platform to over 160 of the leading global casino sites. Their latest two releases are Ladies Nite and Spring Break which run on the HTML5 platform.

Microgaming Head of Product Channels, Neil Whyte said,” We are focused on creating a highly innovative and flexible offering for the mobile gaming market. We are market leaders in mobile gaming and intend to stay in the number 1 spot by providing custom-made solutions for premier brands.”

Microgaming also has plans to launch their Mobile Bingo and Blaze Mobile which will offer a fast-fold type poker game. With the recent release of Nokia’s new Windows 8 Phones, Amazon’s new Kindle Fire and Apples iPhone 5 launch next week, there is no doubting that mobile is the way of the future for mobile activities of which mobile gambling is set to feature prominently.

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