Memory Madness ScratchCard Game

Memory Madness is a quirky fun filled fantasy online scratch card that takes you to a weird and whacky world of interesting characters and creatures.

Upon entering the game you will be presented with a memory card. Each card contains a character and prize area.
Playing this memory game is easy. Just choose the number of card pairs you wish to play by choosing 6,9 or 12 pairs.

Choose the amount you wish to be and click the “PLAY” button.

When the game starts click on any 2 cards to reveal them. If the characters match, their prize amount will be revealed. If the prize amounts on the cards also match, you win.

Memory Madness is a crazy memory game combined with that format of a scratch card which I really enjoyed.
The interesting monsters made this online scratch card game appealing and fun to play.

Memory Madness is one of those fun scratch cards that lets you start playing from as low as £0.05 and has a maximum of £10.

I enjoyed the feature of being able to control my scratch card experience with the ability to choose to how many pairs I choose to play.

In addition to all these great features you get the chance to win a £100,000 grand jackpot prize.

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