Scratchcards are popular all over the globe. Many lotteries rely heavily on scratchgame tickets to make up a large portion of their offerings. Many people purchase scratch cards on a daily basis as part of their routine when buying a snack or newspaper at their local store. The availability and affordability of scratchcards are what makes them a global pastime.

For one Massachusetts man a simple mistake by the store clerk paid off for him in a big way. Richard Brown of Taunton recently when into a Gulf Taunton to purchase his favorite scratch card ticket. He initially asked for a $5 “Blue ice 7’s” but the store clerk gave him another scratch card game called “Sizzlin 7’s” ticket. This mistake was the best thing that could have happened to Brown as he won a cool $1 million!

The lucky lottery scratch card winner Richard Brown decided to take a lump sum payment of $430,000 instead of the one million dollars spread over 20 years. He plans on taking a vacation to San Francisco and fixing his roof. Brown’s easy going nature paid off big as he didn’t make a big deal over the store clerk’s mistake. As he put it he just “rolled with it”.

Scratchcards and lottery are ideal gambling partners as they both offer what the man in the street is looking for when deciding to have a flutter. Affordability and accessibility is what it is all about and there is literally not a corner of the globe where lotteries and scratchcards are not available in some form or other. In today’s modern online world there is even the option to play online lotteries and online scratchcards from the ease and comfort of your own home if you so choose.

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