Man Wins Scratchcard Lottery Day After Losing His Wife

There is a touching story of a lottery scratchcard winner coming out of Marsville in the U.S. Timothy McDaniel tragically lost his wife to a heart attack. The 55 year-old truck driver seemed to have got a helping hand from his guardian angel as only a day after his wife’s passing he won $650,000 from a $1 scratch card.

McDaniel was philosophical regarding his win and said “everything happens for a reason”. McDaniel understandably believes his wife was his personal guardian angel who sent him the money so that he could look after his grand kids.

McDaniel purchased three scratchcards in the California lottery. On one of the scratchers it said “LIFE” which he did not at first understand. McDaniel showed the lucky scratch card to his nephew who confirmed the good fortune. Opting for the lump sum McDaniel will receive a sum of $375,000 before taxed.

The lucky winner plans to purchase a new truck and a house and put the rest in the bank. He plans to continue working and living his life in the same way as he has done up till now. McDaniel also plans on helping his family out should they need it. Commenting on the bigger picture he said,” Everything happens for a reason, and this is the break I needed.”

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