Man Looking To Sell Collection Of 100,000 National Lottery Scratchcards

While National Lottery scratchards are always great fun to play one man has taken this to an extreme. Forty two year-old Dave Mannix has been collecting every National Lottery Scratchcard from 1994 and has accumulated over 100,000 of them.

If that’s enough he also spent over £80,000 in his obsession with these scratchies. Another remarkable part to this story is the fact that he has 10,000 of them which are still intact and could have been potential winners had they not expired.

Mannix is claiming to be the owner of the world’s biggest scratch card collection and it would be hard to find someone crazy enough to challenge him. Mannix is a self-proclaimed hoarder and has a dedicated room in his Cheshire home to store his unique collection. His collection is extensive and included special editions of scratchies that include Star Wars, James Bond and Indiana Jones.

It all started for Mannix in 1994 when a friend gave him a batch of 400 scratch cards. After getting a taste for them he went around local shops asking the owners to keep their used scratch cards in a container. He purchased an unbelievable 90 000 used scratch cards over the years.

Dave intends to sell the collection for around £500,000. What peaks our curiosity is how many of the 10,000 intact scratch cards were winning tickets before their expiration date. Mannix himself stated that he hopes the buyer of his collection will scratch the intact tickets so he could finally discover if he was sitting on a fortune over the last 20 years.

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