The combination of scratch cards and lottery tickets is a very popular choice for many as both are easy to play and easily available. Whether you choose online scratch cards or online lotteries their user-friendly formats are the reason why so many choose them as a way to have a fun flutter.

For a lucky Irish scratch card player the” luck of the Irish” was certainly with him, Donal O’Brien from Merlin Park became the latest winner on the National Lottery’s “Big Money Game” TV  Gameshow when he walked away with €276.000.

O Brien’s luck all started when he was on holiday with his girlfriend in the Bahamas to celebrate his birthday. His mood was upbeat and when returning to Ireland he decided to buy a scratch card in which he won €1. He consequently decided to purchase one of the three star cards which enable you to make it to the Big Money Game TV Gameshow where the players can win instant cash prizes.

O’Brien sent his ticket in and oddly enough the stamp he was given was of dolphins. O’Brien immediately was reminded of the unbelievable experience he has when swimming with the dolphins while on vacation in the Bahamas. He even went further and bought a stuffed dolphin when he made it to the Big Money Game TV Gameshow.
To his delight he won the top prize of €276.000.

O’Brien shared his lucky scratch card fortunes with over 20 of his friends and family who were with him in the studio when he became the latest scratch card winner.

Online scratch cards and online lotteries are a great way to challenge your luck from the comfort of your own home. With minimal costs and big cash prizes on offer, these two complimentary forms of online gambling are the ideal choice for those looking for a fun and uncomplicated way to gamble online.

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