Lollipop Online Scratch Card Game

With Easter celebrations still in the air, the ideal way to celebrate is with a treasure filled online scratchie that leaves a sweet taste in your mouth. Lollipop is an online scratch card that takes you on a magical journey where the streets are lined with chocolate and the houses made of heavenly sweet delights.

There are plenty of reasons to play Lollipop but the best of all is the £100,000 jackpot prize on offer. As you enter the lollipop scratch bonanza you are treated to the finest candies on all the scratch tickets. Speaking of the scratch games you get the chance to play anything from 1 to 6 lines simultaneously. The way to win is to match three identical sweet symbols or find a Lollipop to win a prize.

Another incentive to try your luck is the fact that you can start betting from as little as £0.25 which means all of us can enjoy the chance to win. Lollipop is one of those online games that have no fancy frills and are easy and quick to play. Between the candy coated windmills in the background and the pavements made of the finest chocolate, Lollipop will certainly leave a sweet taste in your mouth. It’s a feast for your eyes and promises sweet rewards.

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