Laugh Your Way To The Bank With “Super Zeroes” Online Scratchie

Microgaming  is one of the leading gaming platforms for online slots and scratch cards. They are well known for creating original and entertaining online games that offer anyone the opportunity to enjoy online gaming from the comfort of your home or mobile.

Online scratchies are a major attraction in the global online gambling market as they offer a lighter and more inviting way to spend a small amount of money while still playing for high stakes cash prizes.

Super Zeroes is a great example of how Microgaming are adapt at making online scratch cards fun and even humorous.  Instead of the regular super heroes we are familiar with, this scratch game has at its center whacky super heroes like Bubblegum Girl, Captain Burger, Chameleon Boy and Incredible Lump to mention a few. These crazy characters will have you laughing al the way to the bank.

To scratch and win up to £100,000 with Super Zeroes scratch card is not complicated. All you need in order to play and win is to match 3 identical Super Zeroes and you are a winner. The graphics are comic inspired and really have a light hearted feel to them. Bets range from a low £0.50 and go up to £10 which means that everyone has the chance to play. If you are new to online gambling and scratch cards in particular, Super Zeroes will surprise you with its simplicity and high cash prizes on offer.

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