There are positive numbers coming out of Las Vegas. The global economic turmoil has affected Las Vegas in the last few years.

The latest figures released indicate that there is room for optimism and we may be returning to the times when Las Vegas was the Mecca of the gambling world.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board said on Wednesday that November gambling revenues statewide rose 7.06% to $880.1 million. This is compared to 2010 where gaming wins were $822,097,967.

There was a 1.09% reported increase for the fiscal year (July 1 through November 30, 2011.)
Further good numbers were released for the Las Vegas Strip where the take was up an impressive 9.02% to $495.3 million.

Increases were also reported in Slot machines with a rise of 3%.Table games produced a 18% spike,
Nevada managed to collect $57,340,756 in percentage fees during December 2011.This is an increase of over 15.17% compared to December 201 where percentage fees were $49,788,206.

Whether scratch cards or slots machines are your choice Las Vegas is the place to be.

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