All of us who follow online gaming rends are well aware of the fast growing social gambling market in the past few years. These social-based casino games have become the top apps on major social networks like Facebook.

Besides the traditional social gaming companies like Zynga there has also been a lot of interest by traditional land based casinos in the online social gaming arena. Major Las Vegas gambling concerns have been looking to increase their presence on Facebook in order to attract new customers to their existing brands.

Players like Caesars Entertainment have a highly popular slot machine offering called Slotomania. Other major brands like the UFC owners have launched their Ultimate Poker App through Fertitta Interactive. In the Bingo arena, The Riviera has entered into a partnership with Bingo Blitz who now boast over 3 million monthly users.

Casino interests like Riviera are hoping that many of the online players will visit the Riviera they have become familiar with online. CEO of Riviera,Andy Choy summed up their thinking,” Hopefully, there’s some crossover between people who play the game at home and vacationers who are planning to come here. The hope is they will have a positive view of the Riviera from playing the game online.”

The aim of traditional casino entering the social casino gaming market is two-fold. Firstly as we all know, the U.S online gambling market is in the transition phase and the legalization ball has started rolling. The conversion of loyal social casino gamers to real-money gamblers would seem a sure bet by many and certainly traditional casino operators.

The second declared aim of casino companies entering social networks is to increase their land based casinos through increased marketing and branding from their online games.

It is here where some have pointed out the double-edged sword of marketing successful online gambling options. There are those who point out that the success of online gambling could in fact have a detrimental effect on the “brick and mortar” casinos. There are those who believe that as soon as online gambling is legalized, the life of land-based casinos are numbered as it will be hard to compete with the accessibility and ease of which one could gamble online from the comfort of one’s home.

It is important to remember that currently the global online gambling industry is estimated to generate close to $40 billion globally. This number would increase drastically when the U.S. gambling market is opened up.

It is for this reason that many believe that the gambling companies need to find innovative methods to ensure that both their online and traditional land casinos find a way to complement each other and not compete with each other.

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