The hottest topic in the online gambling world today is the U.S. online gambling market opening up in light of the decision by the Justice Department which in effect changes the previously held stance on the Wire Act which prohibited online gambling and sports betting.

Online scratch cards are but one example of a form of online gambling that up till now has not been allowed in the U.S. It makes no sense to me that scratch card players are limited in their playing options.

Scratch cards offer so many positive elements to the global online gambling world. Online scratch cards give millions of people who otherwise would not have the option to enter the gambling world, the chance to win big on scratch cards with very little cash layout.

U.K. bookmaker Ladbrokes has become yet another major online gambling body to recognize the potential lucrative U.S. online gambling market in light of the possibility of the U.S. market opening up.

Ladbrokes announced that it had acquired a major stake in the Las Vegas-based Stadium Technology Group. This company specializes in supplying software for sports book and race operators in Nevada and Delaware.

Ladbroke’s latest $3 million gives them a 65% stake in the company as well as the option of buying the remaining 35% in the next five years.

CEO of Ladbrokes Richard Glynn revealed their main motive which is to take advantage of the possibility of the U.S. online gambling market opening up.” The size of the U.S. market and potential for positive regulatory change in the coming years make it a sensible place to establish a presence. Stadium Technology is already one of the key software suppliers to casinos in Nevada and Delaware and it has the potential to expand.”

There is no doubt that U.S. online gamblers will be a huge boost to the global online scratch card community as scratch cards offer the benefit of global appeal due to their simplicity and easy of play.

Stadium Technology Group is a major player who provides sportsbook management and risk systems to many casinos throughout the Caribbean, Delaware and Nevada.

The timing of Ladbroke’s acquisition is another example of major online players who are preparing for what seems to be the inevitable legalization of online gambling in many U.S. states. The fact that New Jersey Gov. Christie passed a law legalizing sports betting only a few days ago only adds to the overall motives of this acquisition.

Whether sportsbetting or online scratch cards are your preferred form of gambling, there is no doubt that this year is going to be a lucrative and winning year for all of us.

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