“Knife Thrower” Online Instant Win Scratch Game From 888games

Online gambling can be great fun and an ideal way to relax while earning some serious cash. For new comers to online gambling it can be quite daunting as many conjure up expensive and complicated casino games which are not everyone’s cup of tea. For this reason there are dedicated online sites like 888games that specialize in light and more user-friendly gambling. Many people have termed gambling formats like scratch cards as recreational gambling.

You get the chance to play great looking andfun scratchies that require no expertise of gambling. A good example of instant win scratch games is “Knife Thrower” The aim of this game is so simple. When you enter the game you will see a lady on a spinning wheel with balloons. All you have to do is to aim and throw the knives as accurate as possible in order to burst the balloons. The more balloons you burst the more cash you can win.

With “Knife Thrower” you get the chance to win up to x 10,000 your bet which could mean that you could win a dream jackpot prize of £100,000! The graphics in this instant win scratch card game are great. You do not get the feel of a heavy gambling experience but rather get to play a eye-catching and fun online game that happens to pay out a dream jackpot.

With 888games they invite everyone to play with them as they let you start playing from as low as £0.25 and go as high as £10. If all this is still not enough to get you to play with them then they will even throw in a free £5 Welcome Offer which lets you play for free for real cash prizes.

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