For those of us online scratch card players looking for a mobile tablet device to scratch away at the touch of a button, there are increasingly more affordable quality tablet devices that can enhance our mobile scratch card apps.

The tablet device market has had an unbelievable past year with tablet sales reaching record highs. The top tablet is still the iPad which in its latest version iPad3 sold over 15.4 million units alone in the fourth quarter of 2011.

While the quality and exceptional features of the iPad cannot be denied, some are asking the question if the likes of Amazon’s Kindle Fire could be a sensible alternative for those looking for a cheaper yet quality tablet device.

The iPad 3 goes for about $600 which is not suitable for all budgets. Although packed with 4G technology and the new Retina Display, the Kindle Fire sells for a very affordable and attractive $199.

With all top scratch site developers investing heavily in their mobile scratch platforms, you as a tablet device user are guaranteed to enjoy a smooth and winning scratch card experience.

There are some who believe that the growth area in Tablet devices is in the sector of affordable yet decent quality tablets that mange to perform most of our daily online tasks.

Although the Kindle does not feature 3G or 4g technology, there is the built in WiFi option which for many is more than adequate. In terms of size the Kindle is much more portable than the iPad and some would say more likely to be carried around and used than the iPad.

Portability and mobility are clear trends in the dynamic online scratch card world as global scratch game fans demand to be online wherever and whenever they choose.

In terms of music, videos and eBooks the Kindle also could seemingly satisfy most entry level  tablet consumers despite its limited 8 gig capacity.

Taking all these factors into account there seems to be a lot of potential for affordable and well functioning tablets like the Kindle Fire. With the price tag being only a third of the iPad this tablet deice could well become the choice for many new online scratch card players who seek mobility and affordability to power their “scratch card” apps.

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