The buzz in the online scratch card world has never been so high as it is presently with the U.S. scratch card market supposedly set to be opening up to all.

Online scratch cards have always been a global social favorite gambling format for millions.
The classic scratch card has been around for generations. With the development of mobile online gambling technology we as scratch card fans have the pleasure of scratching and winning with unprecedented ease and comfort.

It is now common practice for millions of scratch card enthusiasts to play their latest online scratch card games from their palm of their hands.

With the same ease as making a phone call we scratch card fanatics are able to be online and in line to win instant cash prizes on our beloved online scratch cards.

As our daily readers are well aware, the ongoing changes on the U.S. online gambling market have resulted in a frenzy of activity from many states and groups looking to capitalize on the new situation.

The U.S. Justice Department ruled in December 2011 that the Wire Act of 1961 which was the main stumbling block to online gambling until now, only applied to sports betting and thus opens the way for other forms of gambling.

Democratic Governor Steve Beshear announced on Wednesday that he plans on introducing a proposal to legalize casino gambling in Kentucky in the state’s Senate within days.

Gov. Beshear said that he has reached an agreement with Republican Sen. Damon Thayer on the wording of the constitutional amendment. Thayer has long believed that legalizing gambling is a excellent source to generate vital income revenue for the state and is happy to co-operate with the opposition in the Senate.

Beshear pointed out that past polls have shown overwhelmingly that Kentucky residents are in favor of a vote on the gambling issue. He pleaded to the senators to give full consideration for the proposed bill and will be spending the next few days in preparing the groundwork to ensure its introduction.

Gov. Beshear has been a long time supporter of legalized gambling and has been in favor of extending gambling to other fields besides horse races.  Beshear believes that legalizing gambling in the state will prevent gambling revenue from going to neighboring states such as Indiana.

Should Beshear succeed in passing the constitutional amendment, it will be put to the voters to ratify or reject in November.

Supporters of legalizing gambling have not decided as to whether to propose a basic constitutional amendment or to specify the exact quantity and location of the casinos.

Online scratch cards have replaced the classic scratch cards that we had to go to our local kiosk to play. Modern online scratch cards give us the opportunity to scratch and win from the security and comfort of our own homes.

The state’s horseracing industry plan on using profits from gambling legalization to increase the racing purses at the race tracks which would in turn attract more horse racing into the state.

The options been bandied about include two free-standing casinos and another four casinos which will be attached to the existing horse tracks in the state. The most open proposal would mean that there would b no limits on the location or quantity of the proposed casinos.

Gov. Beshear has put much of his political future on the legalization of online gambling. Since his re-election campaign he has relied on this issue as one of the main promises. Until now he has not succeeded in fulfilling this election promise.

Gov. Beshear is quick to point out that as long as Kentucky does not legalize gambling it is losing millions of dollars in much needed income revenues to neighboring states that have legalized gambling. He believes that Kentucky has the ability to bring this vital source of income back to the state.

Gov. Beshear like many other gambling proponents realizes that online scratch cards are the ideal form of gambling to generate a revenue boost to their states.

The “online scratch card “has the advantage of providing potential online gamblers the chance to start betting on their online scratch cards form as low as 10p.

The scratch card has the winning formula of minimum cash layout with maximum payout. Online scratch cards give you the possibility of winning instant jackpots of over £100,000.

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