Join the Nutty Professor In “Weird Science” Online Scratch Game

Weird Science is an online scratch card that takes place in a laboratory with the “Nutty Professor”. As you enter this scratchie you will meet the crazy professor while he is performing some weird experiments. The aim of this whacky online scratch game is to pick 1 of the 4 sample plates on offer. Just choose one of them and if you guess correctly you will see a chemical reaction which creates a little creature. This means that you are an instant winner.

While Weird Science looks playful it carries a serious jackpot prize of a whopping £100,000! To try your luck with the Nutty Professor and his concoctions is affordable to all as bets start from as low as £0.25 and can go as high as £10.

The background and theme to this unusual scratch game are entertaining. I particularly enjoyed what happens when the professor guesses incorrectly and the concoction explodes in his face causing different colored faces. The overall look and feel is light hearted and is great fun.

So to start scratching and winning just choose how much you want to play with and click “Play”. Sit back and see what concoctions await you.

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