The ongoing betting scandal in the Italian Football League has caused some to label Italian Football as a joke. The latest interrogation of Luigi Sartor just added to the betting saga. The new revelations have just confirmed the scale and gravity of the betting scandals.

The latest to “confess” are Cristiano Dini, Filippo Carobbio and Carlo Gervasoni. All in all at the moment there are no less than seven clubs under investigation from Serie A-Chievo,,Genoa, Lazio, Lecce, Novara, Palermo and Siena. There are also five clubs from Serie B and it seems that this is not the end.

The sorry state of Italian Football is inevitably been linked to the days of Berlusconi which were filled with daily scandals.

It is hard to fathom but at the moment there are 95 different variations of bets one can take on a single match. No surprise that this is impossible to control.

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