Many of us enjoy playing the lottery as a social event, whether it is by the traditional outlets or the online lottery services. Many people in the work place also participate in collective lotto tickets purchases or what is known as syndicates. The pooling power of such groups can enable one to partake in the lottery on a regular basis as it becomes cost effective and fun at the same time.

For an Irish syndicate of builders in Dublin, the dream of winning a collective lottery was achieved when they won over €3 million. The group of 21 builders from Chadwick Builders Providers only found out on Monday that they had become the latest lotto winners. Each of the 21 will receive a tidy sum of €146,870. One of the inners Shay Kelly was quoted as saying, I’m a lucky bastard. We were over the moon with it.”

The workers only discovered their lucky fortunes on Monday after the foreman checked the lotto ticket in the local Ventra. Upon discovering his lucky fortunes, he started screaming in delight and he was quoted as saying that it felt like we had won the World Cup.Mr Kelly plans on spending some of his earnings on a horse as he has a love for the races.

Believe it or not this is not the first lottery win for the syndicate as they has won €12,500 on a previous draw.

The collective jackpot will serve not only the individuals but also all the 21 families, Chadwicks Branch Manager, Padraic Horgan was philosophical regarding the collective win as he believes that the money will benefit more people as it is divided amongst many and not the sole privilege on one person.

For those who wish to participate any of the major lotteries globally there are online lottery services that let you purchase tickets for the biggest lotteries in the world from the comfort of your own home. The way it works is simple as a local representative of their company purchase the lotto ticket for you. You are then able to monitor the ticket after it has been scanned and uploaded to your online account.Whether it is the online lotto or the traditional lotto, the chance to play and win is real as the above and many other stories prove.

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