One of the most desirable titles in the mobile technology world is that of number 1 handset manufacturer. Currently there is a titanic struggle between Apple and Samsung with each looking to be the global leaders in this dynamic sector. Smartphones have become a fashion accessory in which millions compete with each other as to who has the coolest features.

Yesterday’s unveiling of the Apple’s iPhone 5 is set to give them the edge over their rival’s Samsung Galaxy S3. This bold statement comes from J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz.

According to Moskowitz the new iPhone 5 has an edge in that it is lighter, faster and thinner than the popular iPhone 4.Added to that is their support for LTE technology and an improvement in the size of the screen to 4 inches. Another major advantage the new iPhone 5 has over its competitor’s LTE smartphones is the improved battery life which is due to its unique design.

Currently other handsets using LTE technology are notorious for poor battery life. According to Apple the new iPhone can provide up to 8 hours of data on LTE. Another major reason for Apple set to overtake Samsung is their aggressive plans for a global rollout of the new handset.  The new iPhone 5 will be available in 9 countries on September 21 which will be followed by 22 additional countries on September 28. Apple plans to debut their new iPhone 5 in over 100 countries by December.

According to Moskowitz he is confident that Apple will succeed in a quick rollout and will be able to keep up with the expected high demand.
Another analyst from Morgan Stanley, Katy Huberty believes that Apple will ship over 180 million units fir 2012 and reach over 266 million for the year 2013.
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