The mobile technology advancements have drastically improved the quality of our lives in the online gambling world and in particular the mobile scratchie industry. These mobile devices have brought the opportunity to millions to change their fortunes with a single scratch of a card.

One of the main pioneers who started this mobile revolution was Steve Forbes with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007.

It is hard to believe that it has already been 5 years since the iPhone changed the way we think about technology in general and in particular mobile technology. Only a few years ago the idea of having mobile scratch game apps at the tips of our fingers on a portable device like the iPhone or iPad was unthinkable. Due largely to Apple and their mobile devices, the online scratch card world has never been so easy to access.

In a recent research study conducted by Strategy Analytics it was found that Apple has succeeded in generating over $150 billion in revenues since their iPhone launch in 2007.

Not only did Apple succeed in generating astronomical sums of cash, they have also managed to sell over 250 million iPhones globally since 2007.
Mobile scratch card apps are becoming increasingly popular and sophisticated. All top scratch card sites like and have fully compatible scratch games that are designed for all mobile devices.

Apple’s current success is unrivalled yet some experts are asking the question if Apple can maintain these figures as mobile operators are unhappy with the subsidies they spend on iPhones. In addition to this Samsung is a fierce competitor for Apple especially with its Galaxy range which are growing in market share and popularity.

Mobile carriers in the U.S. are reportedly having to take a huge loss with their iPhones in order to attract customer and are forced to absorb the losses as customers demand the iPhone as their preferred option when signing a contract.

Samsung on the other hand is also growing in popularity amongst U.S. users yet the carriers are losing much less than that of the iPhone.

Currently Apple is in control as there are no signs of customer demand dropping. Carriers will have to pay whatever Apple demands as many people still will only sign a contract if an iPhone is part of the deal.

Mobility in the online world and in particular the online gambling arena has managed to transform our smartphones and tablet devices into the ideal platform to power our mobile scratchies. With so many younger people using mobile devices exclusively for interacting online, the future of online scratch cards seems to be in the mobile arena.

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