With smartphones becoming an integral part of our lives, we as scratchcard players are depending more and more on our mobile smartphone devices. Whether we use iPhones, Android based devices or Windows smartphones we all get the chance to enjoy our mobile scratch card apps like never before.

According to a survey by J.D. Power Apple has managed for a seventh consecutive time to satisfy their smartphone customers. It seems that amongst the smartphone consumers, iPhone owners are the most content.

Apple scored an impressive 839 out of 1,000 in a satisfaction score. This survey is undertaken every six months and includes factors such as physical design, ease of use and performance issues.

Time is money and with scratch cards being available at the touch of a button whenever we so choose, it has never been so user friendly to partake in the thrill of scratching and winning.

Apple’s iPhone came up tops in the department of ease of operation amongst its users.
HTC and Samsung took second and third place with a score of 798 and 769 respectively. Motorola was third with a score of 748.

A universal complaint from all smartphone owners was the battery performance issue, Apple’s iPhone 4S has being criticized for a problematic battery which apple claims to have solved with their iOS 5.1 update. Many of the consumer’s complaints were targeted at 4G smartphones as they are prone to drain the battery life quicker than those of 3G phones.

Global scratchcard players are exerting pressure on both smartphone manufactures and scratch site operators as they expect the only the best and cutting edge technology with which to get their winning online gambling entertainment.

It is worth noting that until the latest release of Apple’s iPad 3 they have resisted using 4G technology due to battery life concerns. However Apple claim to have improved in this area and the 4G technology is expected to feature in the next iPhone.

The scratchcard market is growing exponentially largely due to the ease and popularity of mobile scratch card apps which are succeeding in capturing the allure and innovative winning entertainment that scratchies deliver.

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