With the upcoming launch of the iPad 3, it is important to acknowledge the contribution Steve Forbes made to the online gambling industry and to online scratch cards.

Who could believe that only a few years ago you needed to be in front of a PC in order to have a flutter on your preferred scratch cards.

Thanks to the mobile revolution led by Steve Forbes, all our scratch card games are available to us at the touch of a button.

The much anticipated launch of the iPad 3 is scheduled for March the 8th in San Francisco. In his historic speech Jobs summed up his vision for the iPad when he proclaimed,”what this device does is extraordinary.”

The rest is history with over 55 million iPads having been sold and Apple is the dominant force in the tablet device market.  Jobs philosophy behind the iPad was “ you can hold the internet in your hands. It’s an incredible experience.”

To experience the online scratch card world at your fingertips is truly remarkable. The ability to control when and where you scratch and win is unprecedented.

Jobs himself raised the question as to whether a device that combines a smartphone and a laptop would catch on.

In hindsight we can only salute pioneers like Steve Jobs who truly made an impression for generations to come in bringing our mobile online gambling apps and scratch card apps that entertain and reward us at the same time.

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