Mobile online gambling is one of the most user friendly and enjoyable forms of having a flutter. The chance to play you scratchies, slots or pokieson your tablet whenever and wherever you choose has made mobile gambling as easy as touching a button. Portability and accessibility have revolutionized all our online activities. It has never been so easy to engage online gambling as we are no longer tied down to a PC.

The global tablet market is fast overtaking the PC as the device of choice for online use. It is hard to believe that the tablet industry is only a few years old and was started by Apples’ groundbreaking iPad device. There is no denying that Apple is still the global powerhouse when it comes to tablets with over 68% of the global market share. They have sold over 17 million units in the second quarter of 2012 according to research firm IDC. This means that out of ten tablets sold globally, seven are iPads.

Even more encouraging for Apple is the fact that even in emerging markets like China where the iPad is out of reach for most Chinese, the iPad has managed to capture 73% of the Chinese tablet market!

This figure is impressive by any standards but is even more surprising when taking into consideration that the price tag of even the cheapest iPad is at least 10% of the average Chinese workers’ annual salary. Despite this Chinese users are still choosing the iPad over the homegrown Lenovo which has a measly 8% market share. Even worse is Samsung who only enjoy a low 3.59% market share.

China with its massive population is seen as one of the most potentially profitable markets in the world for tablets as there is seemingly endless room for market growth. There is an emerging Chines middle –class which is estimated at 250 million which makes it almost as big as the entire U.S. population.

Whether it is tablets or smartphones, Apple started the entire mobile online industry only five years ago and it is due to Steve Forbes visionary outlook that we as online gamblers are able to have a portable casino in touching distance at all times.

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