Social casino games and mobile gaming are seen as the hottest two sectors in the gambling and gaming market today. Both gaming and especially social casino gaming are where many see growth potential. Added to that is the untapped mobile market which is becoming the playground for many looking to play and gamble online.

One of the giant social casino players is Zynga who are considered the largest social gaming company in the world. They have had a rough ride of late with mass departures of senior executives as well as their share price dropping by over 70% since its disastrous IPO. There are reports from a search racking tool startup that could further trouble Zynga. Apple has recently released its iOS 6 which according to some experts adversely affects the search results for Zynga regarding social casino games. We all know it is imperative for companies to rank high in search results in order to attract target audiences. This is also an alternative to expensive mobile advertising. found that with Apple’s new iOS 6 operating system smaller and lesser know gaming studios like Aristocrat, Avanlix,  Arawella and Poke Magic feature very prominently in the top 250 search results for gambling related search keywords in the App Store. Their finding were not good news for Zynga and other social gaming heavyweights  s these smaller companies outranked companies like Zynga by 50 to 7 in the case of Aristocrat. These results are calculated by the number of appearances of apps published by a specific game company in the top 250 search results for keywords like slot, poker, and casino and gambling.It will be interesting to see how this affects the social gaming giant Zynga as they continue to try and revive the sleeping giant  back to its glory days.

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