Forget about PC’s and laptops as many see the biggest growth market in the mobile device sector with tablets and smartphones who are leading the way. All major technology manufacturers are keen to jump on the smartphone and tablet train. One such global powerhouse is the chipmaker Intel who finally seem to be making an impression in the smartphone market.

The Razr i is the latest Intel powered smartphone that has been released. This smartphone runs on the Intel Atom processor. This is the first of many planned partnerships between Intel and other major mobile players like Lenovo, Orange and ZTE.

With so many  of us abandoning PC’s in favor of light and portable computing devices like smartphones and tablets, it is essential for player s like Intel to capitalize on a growing market. The new Razr i  is capable of competing with their competitors as it features a 4.3 inch screen,8 meg pixel camera and runs on the Android 4.0 operating system, Intel are looking to establish their brand with smartphone users and as such will feature their famous logo on the back of the Razr i. Initially the Razr i will be available on Europe and Latin America.

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