Whether it be online poker or online scratchcards, the question that always comes up is that of regulation. It is amazing to see that worldwide there are still many countries who have not adopted a clear policy on online gambling regulation.

While we in the U.K. are permitted to play online scratchcards and poker there are countless other countries where this basic right is considered a privilege.

For some reason many governments are not keeping up with the realities of modern day gambling. Online scratch cards have become an integral part of millions of online consumers. This user-friendly nature of scratchcards has made them a growing global market.

In a recent report on Yahoo there was an in-depth article on the online gambling market in India. With a population of over 1 billion this massive market has unlimited financial potential. It is now been suggested that India could be losing out on at least $1.5 billion in tax revenues due to their inability to regulate online gambling.

Supporters of legalizing gambling have long stated the obvious in that taxation from scratch cards for example could be used as an alternative to raising taxes.

The conditions are ideal to start building this market as there is a prosperous middle class sector in conjunction with an ever growing internet sector. It is hard to understand why but there is no national plan to regulate online gambling at the moment and the only Indian state making any effort to do so is the state of Sikkim.

Many working class people enjoy a flutter on their online scratchies during a break at work or on the train. It has become a common sight to see people scratching away on their mobile devices.

While it is hard to estimate how big India’s online gambling market really is, it is suggested that it is worth at least $5 billion. Taking into account the average tax rate of anything up to 30% it has been concluded that there could be at least $1.5 billion in potential gambling tax revenues being ignored due to a lack of government policy.

Needless to say some believe that this figure is conservative as India’s population continues to grow and gambling is a popular pastime for millions.

Supporters of regulating online gambling point out the potential for job creation as a regulated online gambling industry would provide many people some much needed employment opportunities. The need for government regulation is also essential as India has some antiquated gambling laws that date back to colonial times and are no longer relevant in today’s modern market.

There is always going to be a need to satisfy millions of scratch card players who will find a way to gamble whether legally or illegally if there is no alternative.

With the online gambling sector not being regulated, it means that many billions of dollars are leaving India and are being spent in places like Macau and Singapore.

The way forward for both scratch card players and governments is to control and regulate the industry so that all parties can benefit in a safe and secure environment.

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