The social casino gaming market and the real money casinos are friends in recent times. While in the past there was a clear distinction between free-to-play casino games and real-money casinos, today these two worlds have become intertwined to such an extent that it is difficult to spot the difference.

Another major pattern that has developed is the blatant use by traditional companies of social casino games to boost and compliment their real money offerings. One such example is IGT which acquired  DoubldeDown in January for a massive $500 million.

Since then they promoted their DoubleDown Casino on many land based casinos. They recently as we reported partnered up with Casino Del Sol Resort and Golden Acorn in California. They have made it clear that they intend on expanding these types of partnerships to dozens of partners.

Their latest partnership is with Jacobs Entertainment Inc. Venues. In terms of the agreement the DoubleDown Casino will be hosted on no less than five of the Jacobs run websites which include the Gold Dust West Reno, Gold Dust West Carson City, Gold Dust West Elko, The Gilpin Casino and The Lodge. All of these five websites will enjoy the benefit if IGT’s DoubleDownCasino which will add a lot of value to their online consumers overall gambling experience. IGT in turn will get their money’s worth as their famous slots game like Cleopatra and Da Vinci Diamonds will be getting more exposure and publicity.

Executive vice president of global sales at IGT, Eric Tom stated,” What we are offering Jacobs is the chance to provide their players with a full-service casino style gaming experience while being able to see all the offerings that Jacobs also has to offer. This also allows the player to try out and enjoy free-to-play slots and multiplayer poker when they’re at home.”

In turn president of Jacobs Entertainment Inc. Steve Roark stated,” We are constantly looking for new ways to engage our players. The partnership with DoubleDown Casino allows us to interact and reach out to our customers in fresh and appealing ways. For us, it’s a win-win solution.”

These types of mergers are set to continue as both the real money gambling interests and the social casino gaming parties are all too aware of the inherent similarities between these two worlds. They are in fact so similar that for an outsider it would be extremely difficult to spot the difference between the real money slots games and the free-to-play- version. This is no coincidence as both social and real casino games are aimed at earning real money and not just providing free-to-play casino experience.

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