As anyone involved in the gambling industry knows, Thursday marked a historic milestone for global gambling and in particular the U.S. gambling market. Until now online scratch card and other forms of gambling were not available to US online gamers. With the granting of these licenses it is set to launch the scratchcard industry alight as the U.S. is a massive and highly lucrative scratchcard market.

With IGT and Bally Technologies been granted gaming licenses on Thursday from the Nevada Gaming Commission, many are asking how this will affect the land casinos?
On the one hand there are those supporters of legalizing online gambling as they believe that it will be a useful promotional marketing tool for the land casinos who will enjoy increased exposure.

There are those on the other hand who believe that the availability of online gambling options will result in decreases visitors to land casinos as many gamblers would choose the option of gambling from the comfort and security of their own homes. Why leave the house when at the touch of a button on your PC or mobile device, you are able to play all your favorite casino games?

Online gambling and mobile gambling from smartphones and tablets has been the trend to watch in the gambling industry. There is no doubting that more and more scratch card players prefer to play their scratchies whenever and from wherever they choose thanks to their portable devices.

The growth of smartphones and tablet devices has changed the way many approach online gambling likescratch games. It is hard to argue against the thinking that mobile scratch card apps are the way of the future especially when looking to attract the younger generation.

Presently online gambling will only be available in the state of Nevada but there seems little chance of preventing other U.S. states from joining the online gambling bandwagon.

Whether the online gambling option will benefit land casinos is pretty much a mute question as there are enough gamblers to sustain both markets. Just like in the scratch card world, there are still millions who enjoy buying their tickets at their corner store while others prefer the online online scratch card as their first option.

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