With Hurricane Sandy devastating the East Coast of the U.S., there was some good news for a deserving good Samaritan. A 38 year-old water technician for National Catastrophe Solutions of Chicago, John Turner was handsomely rewarded with a lucky scratch card jackpot. The Newark native who now lives in Chicago returned to New Jersey to help in the clean-up effort after Hurricane Sandy. He was part of the first post-Sandy cleanup in New York, Bay Head, Toms River and in Point Pleasant.

Turner purchased a couple of scratchies at the Plaza Convenience & Deli in Neptune 33. To his amazement one of the scratch off tickets which was for a Championship Poker game was a $100,000 winning ticket.
Tuner could not believe his luck and showed it to his colleagues to confirm the win .In a statement released by the New Jersey Lottery Commission Turner was quoted as saying,” I showed the card to my buddies, and we all couldn’t believe it. We started asking the people around us in the pizzeria, and they all said it was a winner. I was overjoyed and had tears in my eyes. I’m still just trying to take it all in.”

The deserving winner plans on investing the scratch card winnings on investing in property and paying off some bills.It is always encouraging to read about good deeds which are rewarded. In this case the reward was one of a $100,000 scratch-off ticket which even in times of disaster tends to have a comforting effect when enjoying.

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