There is an interesting report in the Taipei Times that proves that there are honest people out there. This amazing story involves a lottery scratch card, a vendor and a drunk customer.

The woman in question makes her living by selling lottery tickets along the Linsen N road. She recently sold a scratch ticket to a young man who returned it after thinking it was a losing scratch ticket. This honest woman could have kept the ticket and enjoyed the riches but instead went on a mission to find the young man who gave her the ticket to discard.

This winning ticket was the winner of over $166,880.The lottery vendor went to the local Seafood restaurant A Hui where the man who bought the scratch card ticket was drinking.

When the woman informed the young man of his winnings, he was skeptical but after checking the ticket he promised to give her 10% of the prize money to reward her for her honesty.

Sure enough after a couple of days the young scratch card lottery winner asked the restaurant owner to help him find the woman as she was known in the area for selling lottery scratch tickets for years.

After finding her the new lottery winner gave the lottery vendor NT$400,000 in an envelope. The women in turn tried to give the restaurant owner some cash for his help in finding her. The restaurant owner refused to take any money from the lotto vendor as he believed that this woman has been working for years in selling lottery tickets and it would not be fair to take any money from her.

Among the diners at the restaurant those nights were some local politicians who could have easily been one of the people who bought the winning lottery scratch cardticket. These politicians had a habit of buying tickets from the Woman lottery vendor.

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