Homeless Man Swaps Rags For Riches With Scratchcard Win

Stories of rags to riches are always fascinating to read about and in the case of a homeless man Dennis Mahurin this was literally the case. Mahurin from Bloomington, Indiana in the US won $50,000 in a lottery scratch card win. If this story wasn’t true you would have to make it up. Mahurin has been homeless for over 35 years and actually lives in a tent. The lucky winner purchased his winning scratch ticket at a gas station. At first Mahurin thought that he’d won only a thousand dollars but when checking  it again he almost passed out
What makes this Cinderella story even more strange is the fact that Mahurin does not intend on changing his current lifestyle. He intends remaining living in his tent and plans to help out some of his fellow homelss friends by giving them each $100. His other plans including getting some dental work done and visiting his son.

“[I’m going to] buy another tent. I’m paying it forward. All the guys camped out back there, I’m gonna give them each $100.”

Mahurin is no stranger to good luck as he won $1,000 back in 2008 to add to his good fortunes.


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