The issue of legalizing online gambling like that of poker in the U.S. is a hot topic in election year. Being a multibillion dollar industry the stakes are high. While states like Nevada have already issued online gaming licenses, the overall nationwide situation is still in the process of changed. Supporters of legalizing online poker are using social media like Facebook to prepare the groundwork if or when internet poker is legalized on either a state or nationwide basis.

Millions of people spend a lot of time on a daily basis on social casino games where they get to play for free but with exactly the same playing options as real money poker. It has reached a point where major social casino developers like Zynga are no longer trying to deny the fact that they are aiming at real money gambling. In fact CEO of Zynga has announced that they intent to use their million of daily users from Zynga Poker to convert to a real money poker offering in the first half of 2013.

There is no denying the fact that online gambling is no longer an internet activity done via shady operators or in backrooms. Online gambling has become strictly supervised and regulated providing a safe and enjoyable experience for anyone looking to have a flutter from the privacy and security of their own homes. With mobile technology expanding at a rapid pace, there is the increasing pastime of people utilizing mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to gamble on the move. It has become common to see people playing their favorite poker ,scratchies or sports betting app while on a break at work or even between chores.

The past twelve months have seen many social casino games popping up on Social networks like Facebook as many potential gambling operators are looking to cement their brand presence and customer base for when online casino gambling is legalized in the U.S.Poker is particularly popular as it has a reputation of appealing to celebrities with all the glitz and glamour. In an effort to cash in on that fact a new social games publisher PLAOR is releasing its first Facebook game called Hollywood Poker. This new free-to-play online poker offering gives you the chance to rub shoulders with some of your favorite celebrities from different walks of life. They include over 160 stars who have committed to play Hollywood Poker. They range from SNL’s Seth Meyers, Dennis Quaid from Vegas, James Woods and Grant Show from Melrose Place. New celebrities will be added every week andp layers will get the chance to play Texas Hold’Em Poker.

The ambassador for Hollywood Poker is Kevin Pollak who explained the thinking behind this new social poker offering,” Hollywood Poker is a free-to-play game that’s fun for everyone. You’ll be able to play with your favorite celebrities, and win great prizes.  Check out the Hollywood Poker community site and Facebook page for a chance to play in our first-ever online celebrity game.  I promise you won’t want to miss it!”

Initially Hollywood Poker will be available with Facebook via Mac or PC. Mobile is supported for the iPad with iPhone and Android coming soon.The gaming developer behind Hollywood Poker, PLAOR has some leading industry players behind hem which include senior executives from Zynga, EA, THQ, Sony Online and Disney. The launch of Hollywood Poker will be on October the 8th 2012.

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