There is no hotter item in the mobile technology sector than that of the tablet. It is hard to believe that the Tablet industry is only a few years old and all started with Apple’s iPad. The phenomenal growth of the tablet devices is largely due to their impressive capabilities and most importantly their portability and ease of use. Currently the main players in the Tablet market are Apple with their iPad and Samsung with their Galaxy.

Google is the latest giant to enter this highly profitable market with their Nexus 7 which was launched a month ago. Google have managed to deliver a 7inch tablet that is sold at an attractive $200 which is significantly less than that of the iPad and the Galaxy. The Nexus 7 has impressive features that include Android 4. Jelly Bean operating system, quad-core Tegra 3 processor and an impressive 1,280 x 800 display.

The Nexus is considered a worthy contented to that of the iPad and is rumored to be the reason why apple are working on a 7.85 inch iPad Mini version of their popular iPad.

While this is good news for Google, they have been caught off guard as they cannot keep up with the demand for the 16 Gig version. Presently it is only available in the 8GB model. This latest problem for Google is just another sign of the ever increasing demand for portable devices which are replacing the traditional PC as the primary tool to interact and conduct our daily lives online.

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