All our regular readers are well aware of Zynga’s rough ride of late. Their share price has dropped to under $3 from their IPO launch of $10 and ever since then they have been looking for ways to get the company back on track. Added to that is the high profile managers who have quit lately and you get what looks like a company in serious trouble.

However as we have speculated in the past Zynga have a major ace up its sleeve in their Zynga Poker which is currently the world’s largest social online poker game in the world. Mark Pincus only recently confirmed that they have intentions of releasing a real-money online poker offering in the first half of 2013.

This story has now taken an interesting twist with a report in the U.S. technology publication Fusible in which they reported that a domain was registered and work had already begun on the web site which included a Zynga Poker logo. What makes this story even crazier is that the original report of Fusible has since been taken down as they are unable to verify the authenticity of the report.

However there was a screenshot released which makes it hard to believe that this is anything but some sort of real-money site for Zynga Poker.


While the owner of the domain remains a mystery it is registered to DNStination Inc. located in San Francisco. This is the offices of MarkMonitor which deals with brand protection in the digital world. This further adds fuel to the rumors that it is indeed Zynga themselves who are behind this brand. We look forward to updating our readers on all future developments.

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