Who does not dream of hitting a grand jackpot and changing their fortunes in seconds?Well this happens on a daily basis to many online scratch card and poker players as the following story proves.Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City has managed again to make a lucky lady a new millionaire.

Caesar’s Entertainment announced that On December the 18th it’s Three Card Poker 6 Bonus was won at Harrah’s Resort and paid out a cool million dollars to the winner who placed a $20 bet.

This is the third major jackpot that has been won at Harrah’s Resort since Three Card Poker 6 began in September 26.
Apparently the latest winner had only played Three Card Poker 6 Bonus twice before and was playing for about two hours before she hit the jackpot.

“With million dollar jackpots seemingly hitting on a monthly basis our Three Card Poker tables are overflowing with eager players,” said John Smith, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City.    “I can honestly say that Three Card Poker 6 Card Bonus is officially the hottest game in Atlantic City and Caesars Entertainment couldn’t be prouder to be its exclusive home.”

This is proof once again that whether you play scratchcards or poker, you are only seconds away from a life changing jackpot.

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