For Donald Jackson of Hampton, Virginia it has been quite a year as he has just won his second big lottery scratchcard jackpot. Jackson like many of us decided to purchase a scratchcard at his local 7-Eleven store while buying something to drink. He bought a Jewel 7 scratch ticketwhich is one of the dozens of games offered by the Virginia Lottery.

To his delight Jackson ended up winning a cool $100,000. Believe it or not this is not the first time Donald Jackson has one on a lottery ticket. In January this year he won $10,000 in the King of Cash Scratcher game.

Jackson was one of the many winners created by the Virginia Lottery and there are still over 15 top-prize tickets that remain to be claimed. As all other state lotteries, Virginia manages to generate millions for its social projects like their K-12 public school which get all their funds solely from the lotto. In 2011 alone, the Virginia Lottery managed to generate over $444 million for their public school systems.

The latest lottery scratchcard winner Donald Jackson was cool about his run of luck and stated that he had no immediate plans on how he intends to spend his winnings.

Lotteries and scratchcards continue to payout large cash jackpots and with online lotteries and online scratchcards available to all, this phenomenon is set only to increase.

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