The recent years have seen the gambling industry undergo dramatic changes especially in the online and interactive markets. The latest figures for the gambling industry have been released by one of the global leaders in gambling market research, H2 Gambling Capital.

According to H2 Gambling Capital online poker is still the number one choice for online casino players. With the advent of mobile devices it is no surprise that interactive gambling makes up over 10% of the overall global gambling revenues. This is interesting considering the fact that there are still many countries like the U.S. where it is illegal to play online.

The online gambling market continues to impress as revenues rose by 3.4% in 2011 compared to 2010 to make up €24.6 billion. This means that online gambling currently makes up about 8.6% of the entire gambling sector. Since 2003 online gambling has risen rapidly and has recorded an 800% increase in in seven years till 2010.

It is largely due to the proliferation of advanced and affordable smartphones and tablet devices that we now see the online and mobile gambling industry booming. Many gambling options like scratchcards and poker are particularly well adapted for mobile devices. Top casino sites like All Slots Casino and are good examples of how to capture traditional scratchcards and slots and to pack them into easy to play mobile apps for smartphones.

In the online gambling market, the sports betting sector is still the most popular and makes up over 43% of the sector. Online poker made up 13% of the global online gambling market in 2011 and is a firm favorite in the U.S and Norway. In Norway over 28% of online casino gambling comes from online poker and in the U.S over 19%.

Bingo features prominently in the online global gambling revenues with over 11% market share. It has grown in recent years and is a firm favorite amongst the female online gambler.

Other casino games that complete the top 5 casino games are slots, roulette and blackjack. Roulette and Blackjack have risen in popularity due largely to their adaptability to mobile and online versions which have proven popular.

Online scratch cards are one of the faster growing sectors in what many define as the softer gambling options. Like Bingo there are many online players who are intimidated by Poker and Roulette and are enjoying the high paying online scratch cards on offer. Besides the jackpots which easily compete with any other gambling option, scratchcards are designed with the end-user in mind and have varied themes which cater for all tastes and preferences.

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