You would be hard pressed to find a more popular gambling format than that of lottery and scratch cards. They are enjoyed by everyone whether young or old, rich or poor. This simple fact can be seen in two recent lucky winners in the New Jersey Lottery.

There were no less then two lottery players who won big. The first winner was a young 19 year old and the second was a 79 year-old. Both of the winners purchased their tickets on different 7-Eleven stores. The 79 year old won $3 million in the Pick 6 Lotto after purchasing the winning ticket on October 1 at the 7-Eleven in Pennsauken.

The young 19 year-old winners won a dream $1 million jackpot on a scratch card which was also purchased only five miles away from the other winner. The lucky 19 year old purchased a $10 scratch ticketin the $100 Million Spectacular card on September 18. The interesting part of the story as that the young winner believes he had a guardian angel watching over him in the form of his grandmother who had passed away the week before. Apparently she was an enthusiastic lottery player.

A spokesperson for the lottery, Judith Drucker commented on the young winner,” I like to think he had his Lottery angel with him.” The use of scratchcards within lottery is highly popular as they payout on a regular basis. The $100 Million Spectacular for example offers no less than 16 prizes of $1 million each. Drucker summed up the reason why so many still choose high end scratchies to chance their luck,” It’s a little more expensive than the other games but the payout is greater.”

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