Golfer Misses Out On Hole-in-One but Wins £100,000 National Lottery Scratchcard

For a North Devon golfer, Shaun Sanders it seemed like he was having an unlucky day when he lost out on winning a £18,000 car. Sanders who was participating in a Golf day at Saunton Golf Club where a hole in one on the 17th hole would pay off with a Mini Cooper car valued at £18,000. Sanders tee shot went in the hole but bounced out resulting in him being very unlucky.

However Shaun and his wife did not waste much time dwelling in their misery and purchased a £100,000 cash scratch card from their local convenience store. To their utter disbelief they won and walked away with the top prize. Sanders was quoted as saying,” Laura and I were in complete shock when we realised we had won the prize. We still are to be honest. I took a picture of the winning scratchcard on my phone and I can’t stop looking at it! We can’t quite believe this has happened to us. We were talk of the town after the disappointment of the recent golf competition with the hole in one shot that wasn’t! But we don’t care about that all now.”

For the lucky couple the win could not come at a better time as they were planning on buying a house. They also plan to use some of the cash winnings on a holiday and Christmas gift for their family.

Shaun summed up their  unbelievable luck,” We have won the odd tenner in the past with the syndicate, but this is our first big win on a Scratchcard, we are definitely planning to go out for drinks with some friends and have a bit of a party. Things like this don’t happen to people around here very often so we will definitely be making the most of it and celebrating.”

Like so many of the lucky National Lottery Scratchcards this is just one of many tickets available as part of the lottery offerings. One can definitely say that Santa came early for this deserved couple.


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